8 May 2017

Prologue - Fight!

The prospect of death is a very strong motivation - Dan Brown

It was the middle of winter one of the most severe this century. Strong wind blew my hair that was falling into my mouth. It would not be so cold, if not for the horrible wind. I looked straight ahead and nostalgic.
In this situation, I should tremble with fear, but I was calm because it was already late. I concentrated on the quietness. Breathing in, breathing out. It's going to be okay. It has to be okay because this is the end.
Now I feel sorry for myself and I show how weak I am, because my days, or minutes from now, are counted and all just because of the person that is pushing me violently forward, the person who became my nightmare. We walked through the dark forest, which I perfectly knew. Here together with my dad every Sunday after dinner we were going for a walk with our dog. I haven't come here for three months. After my dog died I did not have good memories of this place no more and I wasn't going to come here again but now I had no choice. Although I wasn't even intrested in how and where I'll die. I'm a furious because I made it easier for the killer. Plans for my future has been revealed to me about six minutes ago. I was scared to death, like everyone else, but I was afraid of it even more. What will happen when the life evaporate out of you? What happens when all this will pass?